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The Portal for Offender Digital Services

is the consistent access offenders have to services no matter which self- service device they are using. The available services are configured and managed depending on the device, the user and the facility.


My Info

Provides prisoners with information specific to them.

My Account

This provides offenders the ability to: -manage funds -see transactions -see wages -deposits by family -regulate payments

My Diary

Provides enhanced offenders scheduling abilities to the diary, prisoners can now be more aware of their upcoming events.

My Shop

The buy up or shop buy functionality is available via self service devices, and can be fully integrated into department back offi


Helping offenders during long periods of cell time. Allows an offender to relax and enjoy an extensive entertainment packages


Access to approved external internet sites or securely stored and redistributed internet content within local reach via the ODS portal


An offender can access the library services via the portal from their cell or personal handheld devices.


Offender can access learning for literacy and numeracy. With in-cell devices and keyboards the offenders can attend advanced education services within their cells.


The portal offers a configurable requests function to enable prisoners to make internal paperless requests and also receive replies to their request.


Provides offenders with the ability to make voice phone calls via SIP handsets, review telephone account balance information.


Allows the sending of messages to family, friends, approved support services and loved ones via our controlled message platform.


Utilising webcam enabled devices, allows the offender to experience the ODS video call technology.


Offenders needing to gain access to their services. This access option ensures the department can add any Citrix | OAC third party service.


Each facility has its own set of guidelines and rules, having this information easily accessible will help reduce stress especially for new offenders.


The call button can be configured to send a request to the officer's post nearest to the cell or device.


Our locally designed and manufactured solutions enable us to custom build various in-cell terminals to meet all prison cell types, new or old. The in-cell terminals can deliver all the ODS services, including programs and education plus access to support services, information, entertainment and communications. These in-cell terminals are built very tough with proprietary designed glass touch screens that have passed Security testing. The other electronics are also designed to meet unique needs in this environment, POE with low power consumption thin clients, on off controls, remote configuration of privileges and access to services, power, lighting and any many other in cell control required.
The offenders who spend large amounts of time in their cell, can use our terminals with the ODS Portal to gain access to government support services, communicate with family, attend higher education, advance their literacy skills, entertain themselves and plan their weeks with offender self service applications.


The ODS portal will deliver entertainment content in a secure way to offenders. Entertainment content will be available on handheld or in-cell devices and controlled by our content management system.
Offenders can pass the time more easily with access to media content.
Free to Air TV and Radio will be streamed over multicast servers to the In-Cell devices. Paid content including movies, music and some games will be available via a content service. The number of entertainment options is extensive and we will work with your department to implement approved content in your facilities, including foreign language content.
Learning videos, educational soundtracks and learning games will all be available via the entertainment icon on the ODS Portal.


The buy ups or offender-purchasing ecosystem can be streamlined by introducing digital self-services to offenders. Common area kiosks and shop buy touch applications delivers a user friendly intuitive buy up process for offenders. The facility, officers and offenders all benefit from this self-service automation.
Our offender purchasing systems includes services for the entire ecosystem
Paperless offender buys process, leveraging self-service kiosk automation including an advanced Logistics Order Fulfilment System LOFS.


Each facility is different and our extensive range of kiosk and vending equipment can be configured to your specific needs. Always including tough, safe and user friendly user interfaces. Our equipment can be fitted with any peripheral required to deliver a self- service outcome, including money handling. printing, card and biometrics authentication plus card or ticket dispensers and more.


The ODS Portal will securely deliver content and services to the offender tablets:
The available services can be managed and restrictions applied by group or individual. The devices themselves will have secured locked down operating systems in parallel with our proprietary content and device management applications.
Our in house plastics engineers will custom design protective cases that meet the full needs. This will also include the embedding of the desired authentication card or biometric technology.
Easier access to services will deliver a more efficient and safer environment.


Offenders and family can benefit greatly with access to more communication tools. The ODS portal will offer voice, messaging and video communications with appropriate layers of security. In addition the offenders will be able communicate their requests via the ODS platform to internal facility custodial or community support officers. This type of internal request messaging will create greater efficiency for the facility and the officers working to support the offenders.
Additionally offenders can have more streamlined access to legal services and other support services, which will greatly reduce tension and possible aggressive behaviour. Offenders returning to the community can use the ODS to access essential government support services, family and friends and even begin the process of applying for work. These many and varied services will all be available via the ODS portal which is inherently designed to allow interoperability with any service from any provider.

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Australian built kiosks and Networking options

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Australian built kiosks and Networking options

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Vending solutions built in Australia and designed for Australian Prisons

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Vending solutions built in Australia and designed for Australian Prisons

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Kiosk Tech customised to your needs

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

Kiosk Tech customised to your needs

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

In Cell Tech designed to you prison environment and network

Prisoner Kiosks and Vending

In Cell Tech designed to you prison environment and network
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