Nuctech wepass

NUCTECHTM WePass intelligent access control system is newly developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system integrates functions such as facial recognition, body temperature measurement, identification of ID card and ticket, trace detection of explosives, etc. It can be interconnected with different information system, security system, security inspection system and quarantine system.
While ensuring safety and high throughput, WePass provides a better inspection experience for the passengers. It can be deployed at the entrance and exit of the airport terminal, in front of the security checkpoint, at the boarding gate, as well as at the entrance of subway station, stadium, important building, etc.

Technical Characteristics

High compatibility

It can be integrated with information systems, CCTV systems, security equipment, etc., to realize real-time information transmission.

Body temperature measurement

It can integrate with a self-developed temperature measurement module to quickly detect body temperature of passengers.

Contrabands detection

It can realize trace detection of explosives passing through.

Modular design

The system is modular designed, which can be customized according to different requirement.

Centralized remote control

Centralized remote control can be realized to facilitate operation and management to the system.

Low construction cost

Related cables can be integrated in the display screen so that to reduce on-site construction costs.

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