Smart Checkpoint Security Solution

Prison Access
All Prison Smart Checkpoint Security Solutions should contain a CT Inspection System, Low Dose X-Ray Body Scanner, Active Millimeter Wave body inspection system, Property Sorting System, Tray Return System, Network Integrated System, Intelligent Risk Management system, etc. All information in the Staff and Visitor check point security process can be recorded, including the personal information, property screened image, body scanned result, video record. Those pieces of information are in a central management, realizing smart security and improving the security level.
There is no need for staff and visitors to take out the liquid and electronic equipment, improving the security efficiency and shortening the security time. It provides staff and visitors the best security experience. The operators integrate multidimensional information, judge the risk level of visitors, make full use of security resource, and realize the higher entry and egress throughput.


Better security experience for Staff and Visitors

Higher entry and egress throughput

Lower operational cost

More efficient utilization of human resources

Better working environments for operators, improving efficiencies

More effective inspections for contraband such as drugs, mobile phones, liquid explosives and ceramic knifes

Integrated with TRS

Integrated with external control rooms and portable screens providing security monitoring anytime and anywhere

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