Scout sensors collect radio frequency data, which transmits in real-time to the systems cloud-based central knowledge command centre Atlas 13 for interpretation, tracking and intelligent response.
All data collected is verified through Department 13’s robust drone fingerprint library to detect, identify, attribute and locate drones within and around your site. Scout forms part of Department 13’s complete drone detection eco-system, delivering total situational awareness live and direct to your operations centre, desktop, tablet and mobile display.
Available May 2022.

Lightning and observing 24/7

Radio frequency and protocol comprehension

Radio detection finder

Up to 5km defence range

Instant and early threat

Patent technology


Atlas is Department 13’s cloud-based drone management platform. It facilitates live monitoring on all drone activity within your operational area and allows a user to instantly differentiate between known and unknown drones, delivering real-time awareness of potential risks or threats from unauthorised drones and operators.
Department 13’s Scout sensors listen for the unique radio frequency patterns that UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) emit, including drones and their operators. Scout correlates these signals against Department 13’s comprehensive library of drone fingerprints. Once a unique UAV fingerprint is detected, Scout sends alerts and starts logging the activity and information in Atlas- Atlas and Scout work together to form Australia’s leading drone detection system. They seamlessly integrate to monitor and detect drone threats in your airspace within a five- kilometre radius, giving you the ability and advantage to respond before any damage can be done.


A unique patented drone threat recognition platform embedded into military grade hardware, Orion is a safe and effective defence grade solution that detects, identifies, and mitigates drone activity within a monitored area.
When sensors detect unauthorised drone activities within the secured permitter, Orion automatically identifies the invader, intelligently selects, and applies appropriate strategies to inhibit the threat and can issue an immediate alert to systems or staff. When required, Orion can utilise its patented protocol manipulation to take control of a target drone or controller, either automatically or on the operator’s command.

24/7 Real time eyes in the sky

Patent technology

Safety control unauthorised drones

Defence grade system

Up to 5km defence range

Non kinetic, non jamming mitigation

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