UAV (Drones)


 On duty 24/7, the fully-autonomous Blackbird drone, from leading technology partner Nightingale Security, is one of the highest calibre and smartest drones available around the world and has been customised to seamlessly integrate with Department 13’s operating systems. Flying scheduled patrols day and night, in rain, snow and dust storms, the Blackbird also automatically responds to alerts, be airborne in 30 seconds, transmit live video feeds, lands, recharges, communicates and reports maintenance needs – all by itself.
Homed in its own protective recharge base station enables a single Blackbird, or multiple Blackbirds, to be strategically located around critical infrastructure as an intelligent security perimeter monitoring and response team

Scheduled missions & response ready

Onboard AI

All weather protection

Autonomous takeoff and landing

33 minutes max flight time

Integrates with DI3's Atlas knowledge centre

ROC 13

Our state-of-the-art Australian Remote Operations Centre (ROC) has the technology to support the increased demand for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations around Australia 24/7 for a vast range of clients in varying official and confidential sectors. The ROC is capable of operating a range of drone platforms and was designed to meet the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) rigorous specifications for safe use and control of a remote cockpit.
These specifications ensure the ROC’s flight, communications, and information systems are sufficiently robust to endure redundancy impacts in worst-case scenarios.

Signature Robo Guard

Aerial Image Labeling
Signature Robo Guard unique machine learning based image classification has been widely used to label aerial images of various types of content. Those include trees, animals, infrastructure, water sources, fencing, power lines and many more.

People Counting

An example of using Robo Guards automated labeling of aerial images.

Perimeter fence

An nVidia Tx2 system on-board a drone counts people and beams back the accurate count as it surveys a prison yard and perimeter fence.

Signature Robo Guard: Perimeter Patrol

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