Portable Sally Port and Carpark Undercarriage Camera

Chassis Inspection Robot

By using the mobile chassis equipped with a line array camera, the robot can view the vehicle chassis, receive and display images through the individual terminal, help inspectors detect hidden suspicious objects, and possible chassis modification.
The chassis inspection robot has features such as flexible maneuvering, one-button operation, automatic license plate recognition, and a full-width display of the chassis image. It is applicable to highway checkpoint, border inspection, major conferences and more.


Integrating contactless backscatter imaging technology with a user-friendly robot, WETAN R100 generates real-time images to find concealed contraband.

Smart, Flexible ,easy transport

Mobile and flexible, WETAN R100 is equipeed with obstacle avoidance technology, 360-degree rotation, and a flexible platform. It can drive nearby or be carried by vehicle to further locations.

blackscatter inspection robot

Target Contraband

Accurately detects hidden contraband including drugs, explosives, and weapons concealed in moving or stationary vehicles and cargo

Scan Modes

Scanned images

Wetan R100 Backscatter Inspection Robot

Sally Port Vehicle X-Ray Inspection System

Technical Features
The NUCTECHTM CS Series passenger car inspection system is a new generation top-view portal inspection system. The NUCTECHTM CS Series is designed more suitable for inspecting the small vehicles at toll stations, government agencies, border crossings, important places, etc. High quality scanning images and powerful software tools can help inspectors to identify concealed contrabands or dangerous goods inside quickly without manually checking the vehicle.
Besides the drive-through mode, the system also processes an innovative vehicle transport system in the scanning tunnel which can move the vehicle through the scanning automatically.

Other Sally-Port Solutions

Fast-scan (drive-through) scanning solution
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